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Welcome to Harmonious Acres where we apply a near organic, holistic approach to our cattle and herd management. We follow organic practices but we’re not certified organic because it’s just simply a sales gimmick (therefore “near” organic) and we don’t feel you need to have the high costs and paperwork of certification added to your meat prices. Located in the heart of the Driftless region of southwest Wisconsin we are just 6 miles from the world headquarters of Organic Valley in La Farge, WI. Far from the noise of traffic, airports, air pollution and a frenetic population center our herds relax contentedly and unpressured in their habitat. Under rotational pasture management our grass fed herds are assured of quality forage and feed, a virtual salad bar. We do it slowly for a more harmonious outcome.

We are a grassfed Galloway cattle operation meaning that our beef is grassfed from beginning to your table. No finishing grains, no chemical enhancements, no hormones or innoculants. Just pure, lean beef for your health and enjoyment.

So sign up for our blog and keep abreast of what’s happening at the farm maybe find a wonderful recipe designed for wonderful grassfed beef or anything yummy for that matter. Any questions, feel free to call us.

Have a wonderful day, God Bless,

Dan & Sue Long


****  After losing our fourth processor in as many years ( due to closing) we’ve had to leave the direct sales operations. We, now, provide our tasty meats to “Wisconsin Meadows“, the brand name of the WGBA (Wisconsin Grass-fed Beef Association). We appreciate all the support in our operation that you’ve provided over  the years. 


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