Beef Cuts Ordering

Our grass-fed Galloway beef is unsurpassed in flavor and texture with little to no fat to inhibit or mask flavor, dry aged for 10-14 days for tenderness.
We  offer premium cuts in our SelectPak for $219 box. SelectPak is a 25+ lb box that will have 4-5# premium steaks, 2-3# Round Steak, 7-9# roasts, 8-10# Ground Beef, about 1# package of stew meat, about 1# soup bone.
meat box

Additionally we offer 15 lb ground beef bulk paks  for $90

All cuts are KryoVac packed for long storage. These are pickup orders from the farm as we don’t have a means to ship distances that would ensure the integrity of the beef. All pieces are subject to availability. Pickups from the farm are always a treat as it brings you to the heart of the Driftless  Region in beautiful southwest Wisconsin and we may even be grilling out that day.

Our processor is:

Driftless Meats and More LLC
E7342 Three Chimney Rd
Viroqua, WI 54665
Phone: (608) 634 4888


Sides or mixed quarters are $3.47/lb  hanging weight plus processing when available and $3.15/lb for a whole beef. Processing is $0.90/lb for Kryovac and $0.60/lb for paper. If we don’t have any steers available again until next fall  We will, by special request and stock available, put together a pseudo side of beef for $4.80/lb hanging weight. Essentially, assuming an average 550lb hanging weight, we will put together 10 25lb boxes for your pickup. This includes the costs of processing, boxing, process losses, storage. Call for more information and ordering.


We are currently running a special ground beef sale of a 25# box of(KryoVac) packaged in roughly 1# packages for $99 while supply lasts. Call ahead, be ready for summer grilling.

Print out our order form order sheet.pdf


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